New 2Spots Tableware Range

Over recent months I have been working hard to make some new glaze colours and combinations and some new jug shapes. It’s been a long journey with lots of delights and frustrations along the way. Anyway, I’m excited to say that I have created some tableware that I’m really pleased with and I do hope you like it too.

My children have had fun naming the colour schemes and think the whole range should be based on sweets (I wonder why?) so far we have “bubblegum”, “rhubarb & custard” and “sherbert lemon” and I think they have probably got it spot on!

Having my own business has been a massive learning curve and I joke to friends and family regularly about having to wear so many different hats! One hat that I have found particularly difficult to wear has been my photographer hat! I’m really lucky that my friend Jenny from Jenny Owens Photography has taken some wonderful photos for me for my website but I was very concious that I needed to be able to take my own photos too. Photographer and friend Dave Gibbons gave me a crash course on how to use my camera to take photos of my work which was incredibly useful and I have been trying very hard to get some good photos of my new product range. My dedication to the cause was so great that I took my new pots on holiday to Dorset to find a good setting and to get additional photography help from family members!!

Well enough of my rambling, here are some pictures of my new products and my attempt to improve my photos! Oh and, last but definitely not least please come and see my new pots in person at my Open House on Thursday 29th September 🙂 x

2Spots New Pots

My new website & my first blog post on it!

Welcome to the 2Spots Ceramics Blog where I will be keeping you updated on what I have been up to and letting you know of my forthcoming events.

Getting my website up together and trying to get up to (some kind of) speed with social media was number 1 on my jobs to do for 2016, so it’s a great feeling to think that I will have achieved at least one goal this year 🙂

2Spots can now be found on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and I will be doing my best to keep these up to date and interesting!!

Thank you to Fiona at Skinny Panda Design for my new 2Spots Logo and website and to Jenny at Jenny Owens Photography for the lovely photos she has taken for me.

Over the next few days/weeks/months (!?) I will be adding to my gallery pages on my website. So far, you can find a selection of my baby hand and footprint work and also a gallery of the fantastic things that the children from my school Clay Club have been making. I have also just started some evening pottery classes for adults so I will be able to add some pictures of their fantastic plaques, tiles and wall hangings soon.

Sarah x

Clay Imprint Colour Combinations

Clay Imprint Colour Combinations