Paint At Home

Paint Your Own Pottery Kits

‘Painting at Home’ became an option when I needed to find a way to continue to work during the Covid-19 lockdowns. My paint at home kits proved so successful, that I have decided that they are here to stay! This is a lovely activity to do at home, maybe on your own, with the rest of your family or with a group of friends. It’s a perfect activity for a birthday party or hen party!
The kits work as follows:
  • Please email me at to make your enquiry/place your order.
  • We can then come up with a plan re the items you would like to the paint and the required glaze colours. I will send you an invoice for payment by bank transfer.
  • I will make a pottery painting kit for you which will include instructions, the bisque fired pottery, glaze paints, mixing tiles, brushes/sponges and stickers (if required).
  • The kit can then be  collected from my home in Colden Common when convenient.
  • Once you have painted your pottery, please return it to me for glazing and firing in my kiln.
  • Please allow approximately two weeks for the items to be ready to collect.

You can create a design of your choice, or there are some easy designs to create that have a brilliant impact such as using a circle sponge to apply the paint or making dots with the end of a pencil. Stickers also create great designs – these are applied to the pottery item before painting and are then removed afterwards to leave an outline.

I will include everything that you will need in your kits. Colour choices for paint your own pottery are: red, pink, orange, yellow, mint green, dark green, sky blue, turquoise blue, purple, grey, brown and black. I will include up to 5 colours of glaze paint per kit. If you purchase two or more kits, I will include a full set of glaze colours for you to share.

Choices for paint your own items are as follows: Mug (choice of shapes), Plate (20cm) or Bowl (choice of shapes). Each item is £17 (including all kit contents & firing). The items are all high quality & UK made. After glazing they can be washed in the dishwasher but not used in the microwave! Some examples are shown below and there are more photos on the gallery page of my website.