I am currently working hard to build up some stock and plan to re-stock my Etsy Shop very soon! Below are some examples and prices of the sort of items that will soon be available. Please do follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. I have lots of work going through the kiln at the moment and it will take me a while to get everything photographed and listed on Etsy. So, if in the mean time, there is something that does catch your eye, please let me know and I can let you know the items that I have available. I can post items to you if required.



These mugs hold approx 8oz of liquid so are great for a coffee or smaller cup of tea. They are dishwasher safe. I will have some larger mugs available very soon.

£22-£26 each.






These little vases are perfect for a few flowers from the garden and vary in size but are approximately 7cm tall and 7cm diameter at the widest point.

£20 each





These bowls work well for dips, snacks and tapas style dishes.

They vary in size but are approximately 10cm diameter and 6 cm high.






These are great for serving cakes, biscuits, cheeses, cold meats etc. They are approximately 11cm wide and lengths vary between 30-36cm.






Storage Pots:

These cute little storage pots come in a variety of designs and colours. They can be used for sugar, herbs, jewellery or other treasures! They are approximately 6cm high and 7cm in diameter at their largest point. The capacity is approximately 120-150ml.