Handprint and Footprints for Christmas

Before I started 2Spots I found it very hard to even think about Christmas before December, but now I find myself making Christmas stock before the Summer holidays, and by the time October comes, I feel that it is nearly here! It’s great that my some of my customers have started thinking about it early too, as I have already completed some Christmas orders which is a relief as I’m now really busy with appointments and the time between now and Christmas feels very short when I work out how many making hours there are and how many kiln firings I can squeeze in!!

Imprints and my handmade ceramics all involve two firings, and each takes 48 hours between turning the kiln on and being able to open it when it has cooled down. Added to this is drying time and glazing time, so it’s not a quick process. Consequently, my last date for imprints with a Christmas delivery is 23rd November and for painted pottery is 12th December. Appointments are filling fast so if you would like some items made for Christmas, please get in touch 🙂

I’ve put together a gallery of photos of some of this years work and last year’s Christmas orders to hopefully give you some Christmas gift ideas.

Sarah x